Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Autumn Greetings
 🍁 from 
Judy's Gifts & Hip Klips! 
I don't know if you'll remember me, but I do Fairs around the country (which have all been cancelled for now) and so I am reaching out to update you on what's new at Judy's Gifts!
Hope this finds you all safe and well at this tough, challenging time... You may have met me at a Fair or by ordering from my website, for which I am profoundly grateful.  I know I have not sent out a Newsletter for so very long and it is way overdue!   
 Have you been reading about the concerns with Cell Phones and our exposure to EMF? For those that don't know EMF is the Electro-Magnetic-Field emitted from your Cell Phone. With 5-G there is even more of a concern. All of our newest Hip Klips will now have a  special lining to help protect you from this radiation. We have many new HIP KLIP pockets that have this protection in them... 
as well as RFID Identity protection for your Credit Cards!  And you are hands-free, safe & secure!  The clips attach to your waistband, and withstand 100 lbs of Force so you can be 'HANDS-FREE!' 
(More Hip Klip information can be found on my website:
Here are a few EMF/RFID HIP KLIPS examples:

Just a few of the many ways  HIP KLIPS can be used are: Hiking, shopping, biking or traveling...

 So don't delay the opportunity to try the newest, hottest, gift item around....the Hip Klip!  
 If you walk the dog, like to walk the beach, like to go to Festivals, ride your bike, or float your boat, then these are perfect for you!  Most importantly, they make wonderful, affordable Gifts....something I try to always offer my Boutique/Fair Shoppers! 

If you care to learn more about our HIP KLIPS....

Also, back by popular demand are my 'Fantastics', Pop-Up Fans.'  
Offered in 5 styles, they provide a cool breeze for your dewy moments!😘

Judy's Gifts offers many unique gifts & treasures to make your life a little easier, safer or to lighten your load...such as the 'Car Caddies',  and message in a bottle 'Postal Bottles' !!

Also the 'Crystal Glass Nail Files', that make your nails silky smooth and never wear down!

 Well that's all for now.  Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me. I so hope things get back to normal soon, 
so we can do our shows & travel again to see all of our wonderful friends & customers.... 
See you soon and don't forget to wear your HIP KLIPS! 
In the meantime....
God bless🙏!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Misplacing your Cell Phone? Tired of boring Greeting Cards?

Happy Flag-Waving, Parade-Loving, Service-Men Honoring July 4th to all our wonderful customers and friends!

It's been a while since Judy's Gifts has written a Newsletter;
it is long overdue... 
For those of you tired of boring Greeting Cards,  
I finally loaded one of my newest products called
'Message in a Bottle', Postal Bottles on my site.
Here is the link if you care to take a peek:


Our modern and very unique U.S. Post Office approved Postal Bottles reach their destination fast and safe anywhere in the world.  These patent-pending 'Message in a Bottle, Postal Bottles' have proudly been made in the U.S. and carefully assembled to give you the one of a kind product that will have your 'recipients' amazed and delighted!  Just add your Postage and into the Mailbox they go and there is a pencil included with some shells and confetti so hopefully you will get a reply! 
Please note: There are special Discounts available online for multiple purchases of Postal Bottles.
Also, for those of you tired of trying to locate your phone or hauling your purse everywhere you go, here is the answer! I have loaded some of our newly patented Bling        
'Hip Klips' in the extra-large size which are very much in demand. 
We will have more new X-Large regular fabric ones soon,
and you can always see them at the Fairs! 
Here are some samples of those and a link to the ones I have uploaded on my site:

'Splashing Dolphins'
'Beach Bound'
'Flamboyant Flamingo'

'Aged To Perfection'
'Ruby Rosebud'


'Dragonflies of DeLIGHT!'


And here are some happy 'Hip Klippers' with their wonderful clip-on pockets  for their phones, cash, ID and other essentials safely and securely (takes 100 lbs. of force to pull them off!) clipped at their side (HIP).  They are all ready for their Summer traveling and 4th of July activities!

Hip Klips are great extra pockets for teachers!

'No more phone in her back pocket!'

Hip Klip Water Bottle Holder
Can her Pooch fit in there?
Horse Hip Klipper

Rhinestone Biker Pocket
Great idea...Hip Klip with Tassle!
Designer look with tassle added!
She's ready for an active lifestyle!
'Layers' Hip Klip
Another 'Layers' Hip Klip!
A Hip Klip for her phone and ReaderRest for her glasses
and she's on the go!


Happy Hip Klippers
Strawberry cutie with a Dolphin Hip Klip

Because you are all valued customers, we are offering you a special on Hip Klips, now through Dec. 31st.  If you purchase 3 Hip Klips, you receive $5.00 off your total and if you purchase 5, you will receive $10.00 off your total! :-)  Please note: This special is available on 'Phone Orders' (Print & Call) payment options only.    
Well, that's all for now...
Happy Summer and see you at the Fair! :-)