Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Newsletter

Hello there!
  Hope this time of year finds you preparing for your special moments of time with beloved friends and family and being grateful for our many blessings.  We hear so much grumbling and complaining today, I think we forgot how to focus on all the positives in our lives.  Turkey Day is so special because it helps us do just that...'BE THANKFUL!'  
  I have been very busy visiting many wonderful places and meeting some fabulous people at the many shows I do.  The 'Hip Klips' are creating quite a buzz out there and are being very well-received.  I have already been getting good feed-back and learning lots of new ways that people use them. 
Here are a few:  Teachers at Recess, Nurses while they are doing their care, Cruisers while they are 'On Deck!', Motorcyclers, runners, beach goers, moms with little ones, horse riders, ....The list goes on!  Lots of requests for new colors of the larger 'Passport/I-Phone' Pocket and that will be coming in the next month or two...stay tuned!  There is a new Pocket that has the HK Logo in a subtle black design, on a black pocket, that is perfect for those that want a sleek, neutral-colored pocket. 
  Key Finders are just as popular as ever.  Wow!  What powerful, enthusiastic feed-back I get from these!  It is such a powerful little tool, that makes such a big impact on saving time for busy women!  (and they are gorgeous 'purse jewelry', at the same time!)  Have you seen the new raised/dimensional designs like the 'Honu',Hawaiian Sea Turtle, or the Lovely Ladybug?  They are getting more exquisite with each design!  Great to collect a few to coordinate with different bags. Speaking of Handbags, the Flip Flop Purse Hanger is back and it has a coordinating Key Finder!   If you know someone who has never used one, it is such a much appreciated gift!  I just read that Key Finders are one of the 'top five' gifts in the United States right now!  Also, the newest Key Finders are the 'Gemstones!'  What a great way to put some very usable bling under your gift recipients tree and they are offered at a new sale price, just for Holiday giving time!  I have also added the 'Pop Up Fans' to my website.  They fold up in their little pouch, so you always can have a cool breeze handy!!  :-)  I have named them 'Hot Flash Relievers!'  What a great stocking stuffer idea (along with the Hip Klips)! 
Check them out! 
  I have also added some new designs of the 'Bottoms Up' glasses. One for every personality!  There is one for a nurse, a princess, a good Hostess (Bon Appetit), a Cougar, a winter ski enthusiast, someone who travels, and someone who is a Domestic Diva, and then that friend who is Fabulous At Any Age!
So many adorable ones to choose from.  Check out the matching Crystal file sets!  
  I will be adding my new 'Pursenality Banks' and 'Ribbon Scarves' hopefully over Thanksgiving break.  So stay tuned!   Please remember that I  so welcome Testimonials and will reward you for them.  
As we get closer to December, I am busily preparing for my Open House!  (Details on my event page.)  For those of you that are not in close proximity, I am offering a Discount for Shipping for your Holiday Shopping.   
  Until December...remember I am thankful that I have wonderful clients like...each one of you! 
                     With gratitude and appreciation,

Monday, October 18, 2010

October Newsletter

Thank you so much to those of you who visited my 'Unique Boutique' and answered all the questions correctly.  Our Contest for September has ended and the lucky winner, who answered all the questions correctly, was Cynthia Blackwelder!  Congratulations!  You will have lots of great new styles to choose from including the new ‘Doggie Paw Design’ for all you ‘Doggie Walkers’ out there! J Sorry to say that our Contest has ended, but not to worry, there will be more Contests after the Holidays. Remember to spread the word to your friends and family about the Hip Klips. 
They are the Seasons best ‘Stocking Stuffer!’        
Our new saying is…
      You ain’t HIP,  if you don’t use …
the ‘Klip!’

 Latest Product News! 
My Key Finders are now reduced to $7.95 ea., so you can get them for multiple Gift Giving this Holiday Season.    ‘Honu,’ Hawaiian Sea Turtle Key Finder. Coordinating Purse Hanger is available.)

 Also, I have many new Colors andstyles of RibbonScarves/Sashes. 
   I am hoping to have them on my Online Boutique' Online Boutique' soon, so you can see how beautiful they are. Be sure to check out  ‘Events’, on my website, so you can come and visit me
   Well Happy Fall!  May it be abundant in all the wonderful Fall Produce….Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds. 
 Blessings on the special farmers who tenderly grow them.

 Talk to you next month,      

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Have a Hip Klip Winner!

Thank you so much to those of you who visited my 'Unique Boutique' and answered all the questions correctly. Our Contest for July has ended and the lucky winner, who answered all the questions correctly, was Betsie Taber! Congratulations! Betsie will have lots of new styles to choose from. I have included photos of three new ones below. Also available, is the new I-Phone/Passport size in Black, which has the pocket straight across the back and can hold eye glasses! It is slightly larger than the rest.

Please remember that you can enter every month.  A few of the questions will be new, but some of the old 'stand-bys' are still there.  I wish you the best of luck in the month of August!

You will find the contest on the bottom of my Homepage at 
When you've got your Hip Klip, you can say, 'Hey, I'm hands free!' 

Whimsey Hip Klip  
Caribbean Flops Hip Klip  
Caribbean Flops
Taffy Hip Klip  
Taffy (Purple Passion)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crime Clock Statistics for Purse Snatching

Hello there!
  I have been hearing so much about 'Purse Snatchings' lately, that I thought I would offer you some helpful tips on the subject. In Manatee County, here in Florida, a 'Purse Snatching' occurs every 11.38 days.  In the state of Florida, an incident happens every 5 hr. 58 minutes.  The last statistics from 2008, said that in the USA, a snatching occurs every 15 min. 46 seconds!  You don't want to be part of these 'Crime Clock Statistics! 

How can it be prevented?  Here are some tips.

1) Most importantly, remember Purse Snatching is a crime of opportunity, which can be prevented by taking away the opportunity!  When you hide the 'prize', you protect yourself!
  (get rid of that purse and use a 'Hip Klip!')

2) Only carry essentials in your purse.  Credit Cards, currency, driver's license, keys and jewelry should be carried elsewhere, (in your Hip Klip) or concealed on your person.  Wearing your purse (or Hip Klip) under your sweater or jacket makes it quite inaccessible!  Today, fewer women are carrying purses. 
 Many women choose to carry a small billfold, coin purse, or Hip Klip!  This eliminates a purse as a target and also frees up your hands to defend yourself!

3) Remember to be aware of your surroundings and if you must carry a purse, keep it in your line of vision and close to your body.  Many purse snatchings occur when it is hanging on the back of your chair in a restaurant or public place.  A great preventive tool is a Purse Hanger, which keeps your purse in view and prevents 'bagteria' at the same time!

4) Recently, I was chatting with a Deputy Sheriff, and he pointed out that another way to prevent 'opportunity', is to have your keys in-hand before you arrive at your car.  Many women fumble and search for their keys while 'digging' through their large purses!  If you have a 'Key Finder' perched on the edge of your purse, it makes locating your keys quickly and efficiently, possible. 

I have a 'Testimonial' on my website from a friend, who was traveling abroad, and had her purse stolen from the back of her chair, in an upscale restaurant, with 7 other women present!  She is now getting ready to leave for her next trip, armed with a 'Hip Klip' and a 'Purse Hanger!'

Visit my 'Unique Boutique' to find these fabulous safety tools!  
        Be safe, be well,

We have a Hip Klip winner!

Thank you so much to those of you who visited my 'Unique Boutique' and answered all the questions correctly.  Our Contest for May has ended and the lucky winner, who answered all the questions correctly, was Ashley Brandes of  'Sweet Baby Cakes Designs!'  Congratulations Ashley!  Your new Hip Klip will be delivered soon!  Please remember that you can enter every month.  A few of the questions will be new, but some of the old 'stand-bys' are still there.  I wish you the best of luck in the month of June and be watching for my newest Blog,  Crime Clock Statistics, with tips about how to keep you and your valuables safe. 
Of course Hip Klips will be mentioned, Silly!  :-)  
        When you've got your Hip Klip, you can say 'Bring on the Summer!' 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hip Clip Contest

Hello there!
 It's Judy's Gifts and Jewelry again.   If you have read my previous blog, you may know that I just recently launched my new 'Unique Boutique' which offers online shopping for my fabulous, affordable, and unique gifts!  If you go to my Homepage at:, and scroll down, you will see a link that takes you to the Contest page with just a few questions to answer.  At the end of each month, I will be rewarding those who so graciously enter my Boutique and get acquainted with it,  a 'Free Hip Klip!
The first contest drawing is only 6 days away, so don't delay the opportunity to try the newest, hottest, gift item around....the Hip Klip!  It is a clippable, Key Chain/Mini Pocket/Purse that helps you be 'Hands free!' If you walk the dog, like to walk the beach, like to go to Festivals, ride your bike, or float your boat, then these are perfect for you!  Most importantly, they make wonderful, affordable gifts,...something I try to
always offer my Boutique shoppers!  Happy summer and don't forget to wear your Hip Klip! 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Judy's Gifts and Jewelry has new look, new name, and new website! 
Judy's Gifts new Online Shopping Boutique offers many unique and affordable gift items,
with more additions coming soon!

One of her newest lines, called Hip Klips, is very popular because they make such useful, affordable gifts. They clip to your waistband and can be used to carry valuables securely and safely. (They withstand 100 pounds of pressure.) Judy says, 'Your pants will come off before the Hip Klip!' They can be used for cash, Keys, ID, Camera, or Cell Phones. They are perfect for 'beaching it', walking the dog (for treats), biking, boating, at the Casino (for chips, change), dancing, at a Festival,...any time you want to be 'Hands free!' Judy is an official 'Rep' for this line. You can contact her through her website with any questions.

Judy also offers Hand-painted Wine Glasses, Murano and Pandora style jewlery, Key Finders, Chic Sacs, Purse Hangers, Crystal Nail Files, Pursenality Banks, and Sassy Lady Designs (Business Card Holders, Checkbook Covers, Pill Boxes, and purse-sized Memo Holders), all of which can be personalized with your name, Business Name, or name of client, or personnel. Volume Discounts available! 

Your are invited to visit and comment!