Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heart Month, Earth Day & New Smart Pockets for Spring!

Hello everyone,
  Hope this edition finds you happy and Heart-Healthy!  As we enter the Season of the Earth's Awakening and honoring her with our Earth Day Celebrations,  I hope you find some small way to do so, with yourself and your loved planting a tree, doing better at recycling, or going more green and toxin-free with your cleaning products!  Every little bit helps...and adds up to a big impact when we all do our share! 
  Our new Smart Pockets have arrived and because they will not be offered on my website until I have more of them in Stock, I thought I would at least provide you with Photos so you can see what is going to be offered. They are just a bit larger to accomodate the Droid Phones with the thicker cases, some eyeglasses and yes, even Mah Jongg cards!  Some are vertical with Velcro Flaps and ID Holder/Windows.  You can vote on your favorite on my Facebook site and then out of the winning votes someone will be selected to win it!  You will be really helping us to stock up our inventory for the Summer by indicating which ones are popular, so please, please vote!  Good luck!

Here they are:
 #1, 'Cosmic Love'
     #2, 'Blue Paw'                   

#3, 'Confetti'
#4, 'Denim w/ ID Holder/Window and Velcro Flap

#5, 'Daisy'

#6,  '3-Cats'

#7, 'Navy Links'


#8, 'Paradise'

#9, 'Starburst'
#10, 'Scarlett'


#11, 'Swirly Peace'
#12, 'Vixen'
#13, Vertical Black w/ ID Window


Hope you like them and Spring is here sooner than you think.
See you in Charlotte, NC for a Home and Garden Show,
 and then Memphis, TN for the Southern Women's Show!!
Remember to love the Earth (by recycling etc) and your Heart
(by exercising and healthy eating, etc) and they'll love you back!
                    Heart Healthy Hugs,
                           ~ Judy