Thursday, November 1, 2012

Judy's Gifts Hip Klip Fall Fun!

Judy's Gifts Hip Klip Fall Fun!

   Hello everyone!   
It's as if Fall is flying by this year and I am very delinquent in sending you updates on things.  Hope this Newsletter finds those of you on the East Coast safe and well.  I can't imagine dealing with all that rain, wind, flooding, fires, and no power.  Well wishes and prayers are going your way. 

  I have been so busy designing my new 'Bling' Hip Klips.  I think they make such a unique, personal, practical gift!  Another great gift for anyone that goes near the water are the waterproof Aqua Seals.  They make wonderful gifts for boaters, fishing enthusiasts, theme park goers, beach lovers, kayakers, hikers, and bikers.  Anyone who is in the out-of-doors or near the water can benefit by having their cell-phone, cash, credit cards, or ID's safe and dry!  Also, you can access your phone right through the window of the pocket, so you can take photos, or answer a call without removing them from the Aqua Seal!   
They are offered in five fun-loving colors:
Blue Lagoon, Kayak Yellow, Mermaid Pink, Nude :-) (clear), and Expresso Brown. 
Here are some samples of my new Bling Pockets!   

We just got back from Jacksonville SWS and what a fun event it was. 
Here is one of the models wearing one of my Doggie Paw Hip Klips! 
She sure was excited about them and even stayed to help sell them!
Well,... off to Ft. Myers, next Tampa, then Mobile, Al.  to do some wonderful Holiday Shows. 
        Hope to see you there!  You can always check my events locations on my website: 

Important Tip/Reminder: Remember that if you are ordering multiple gifts on my website, always choose the 'phone order' option rather than PayPal and then I can give you the Volume Discount!!
            Peace, Good Health and Happiness,

Friday, July 6, 2012


         SUMMER FUN!  

Happy 4th of July everyone..
.hope you had time to do some Flag-Waving
and Parade/Fireworks Watching!
I know the 'heatwave' kind of put a damper on parades and picnics. 
                                        Oh well, there's always the beach for cooling off!


Just wanted to let you know that all the new Hip Klip Pockets have arrived! 
 The new 'FLOWER POCKETS' are adorable!

And...Just in time for all your beach/swimming/boating/fishing/waterparks Summer Activities...
All of the colors of the 'AQUA SEALS' have also arrived.

We now have lots of new VERTICAL Smart Pockets like the 'BLISS POCKETS' 
and the 'Signature HK Black' pocket also. 

Last, but not least the Denim and Black Vertical 'FLAPPERS' are back in stock..

Remember you can see all the new pockets in   Judy's Online Boutique
 That's all for now.  Have a safe, healthy, and fun-filled Summer!
Thanks for all your support, feedback, and great ideas!
See you at the FAIR! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heart Month, Earth Day & New Smart Pockets for Spring!

Hello everyone,
  Hope this edition finds you happy and Heart-Healthy!  As we enter the Season of the Earth's Awakening and honoring her with our Earth Day Celebrations,  I hope you find some small way to do so, with yourself and your loved planting a tree, doing better at recycling, or going more green and toxin-free with your cleaning products!  Every little bit helps...and adds up to a big impact when we all do our share! 
  Our new Smart Pockets have arrived and because they will not be offered on my website until I have more of them in Stock, I thought I would at least provide you with Photos so you can see what is going to be offered. They are just a bit larger to accomodate the Droid Phones with the thicker cases, some eyeglasses and yes, even Mah Jongg cards!  Some are vertical with Velcro Flaps and ID Holder/Windows.  You can vote on your favorite on my Facebook site and then out of the winning votes someone will be selected to win it!  You will be really helping us to stock up our inventory for the Summer by indicating which ones are popular, so please, please vote!  Good luck!

Here they are:
 #1, 'Cosmic Love'
     #2, 'Blue Paw'                   

#3, 'Confetti'
#4, 'Denim w/ ID Holder/Window and Velcro Flap

#5, 'Daisy'

#6,  '3-Cats'

#7, 'Navy Links'


#8, 'Paradise'

#9, 'Starburst'
#10, 'Scarlett'


#11, 'Swirly Peace'
#12, 'Vixen'
#13, Vertical Black w/ ID Window


Hope you like them and Spring is here sooner than you think.
See you in Charlotte, NC for a Home and Garden Show,
 and then Memphis, TN for the Southern Women's Show!!
Remember to love the Earth (by recycling etc) and your Heart
(by exercising and healthy eating, etc) and they'll love you back!
                    Heart Healthy Hugs,
                           ~ Judy