Friday, November 14, 2014

Judy's Gifts Hip Klip Holiday Happenings!

Thanksgiving Time greetings to you all!  I am so thankful this Season for my many blessings and one of them is the loyal customers that I have met via my website and my travels around the country!  Check out some of them pictured below or in the Gallery of my website.
 I appreciate each and every one of you and hope you all are blessed by peace, good health, and the love of friends and family at this special time for giving 'Thanks!'

  Lots of exciting news to report for Judy's Gifts!  I have added our new 'Mini-Pockets' to my website.  They are a water-resistant accessory for the Hip Klips to hold your Credit Cards & Cash and create an RFID barrier to prevent 'scanning' and prevent demagnetization of your cards/Hotel Room keys.  They fit perfectly in the lower zipped pocket of the Hip Klip pocket!
Next we have added Belts/Straps to our Hip Klip line. There is a shorter chain-style Belt and a longer Oxford-style Strap that can be used for cross-body.  Even though it is wonderful to use just the Klips and be 'STRAPLESS', we know there are times when you are wearing a dress and still want to use just your Hip Klip instead of a heavy purse. They are so easy to attach and slide right through, past the teeth of the Hip Klips! 
Longer Oxford-Style used as a Belt
We also have lots of new Holiday-style Hip-Klip Pockets.  Here are a few samples of them!

Also, all the new colors of the fabulous Leather Pockets have arrived.  They are one of the largest of our Pockets and have three zippered compartments along with the pocket on the back-side.  Here is a preview of some of those! 




Leather Hip Klip Pocket with shorter chain strap-belt


all make wonderful stocking-stuffers! 
Some of these gift-items are not on my website so the phone-order option works best for those.
And just in time for your Holiday shopping we have two HIP KLIP Gift-Giving specials! 

These specials are available with the 'Phone Order' option. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Diving into Summer
   with Judy's Gifts & Jewelry Hip Klip 4th of July Special!!!
  I hope that this edition of my Newsletter finds you enjoying the lazy days of Summer wherever you may be.  I know you Northerners are definitely enjoying the warmth!  Speaking of warm days, we have the perfect way for you to have an instant breeze for your dewy moments! They are called Fantastic Pop-Up Fans! You save $5.00 when you purchase the set! 
Here is the link:
We have added some new Key Finders to our collection (an always popular gift to help someone locate their keys quickly and efficiently.)  They are not on my website due to company policy, but they travel with me to the many Fairs and Festivals we visit. 
They start at $7.95 and are discounted  for multiples...up to 5/$30.     
Next, the COLORED 'Crystal Nail Files' are on sale. 
 They are offered in small: $4.50  large: $8.50 & sets of 3: $18.00. 
Last but not least,... the Red, White & Blue Hip Klips are on sale until 7/7/14 for the 4th of July!
For those of you that have not had seen them yet, Hip Klips are a newly patented pocket/wallet that clips on your Waistband (no need for belts or belt-loops.) They have a pocket on one side and zippered compartments on the other side. The patented interlocking system has teeth that interlock around the fabric and can withstand 100 lbs. of force, so very difficult to pull them off.  For that reason, great for traveling, shopping, the Beach, Concerts, Sporting events, walking the dog, biking, or working out.  Wonderful, practical, unique gifts! 
Below are some of the images of those Hip Klips on special for the 4th of July!  
Red and Blue Foil, Strawberry-Pocket, Biker HK Brushed White,  Guatemalan Indigo, Blue Dog, Discrete-Red,    Shimmery white,  Patriotic HKs!
I will be sending another Judy's Gifts' Newsletter soon, to tell you about our new Leather Hip Klip Pockets  and the new updated Aqua Seal Hip Klip also,
so lots to be sharing about these two fabulous new items!
 Also, the ReadeRests (magnetic eye-glass holders) will be available
           on my website very soon, so... new 'Gift Items' comin' your way! 

That's all for now.  See you at the FAIRS!!

Have a wonderful Summer!  God bless America!

P.S. If this is email version is difficult to view, here is the link to the Blog/Site:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

News for the 2014 New Year!

 Brrr!!!...Hope you are staying warm wherever this Newsletter finds you, and the Christmas Season was full of peace, love and joy for you and your family.  Thank you to all who have chosen my Gift-Line for this sharing time of year.
  Just wanted to update you on some of the wonderful, unique new gifts for you and yours....perhaps for the upcoming 'Sharing Love/Valentine's Day!' 
  One of my new lines are the ReadeRests (magnetic eye-glass/ badge holders) perfect for those who need to have their glasses with them and don't want them to fall off when they bend over!  (Sorry, they are not on my website just yet.)
Fall in love with ReadeRest!

Key'P It Up`
We also have a new Purse Hanger/Key Finder combination accessory that clips to the side of your purse or table and helps you locate your keys easily and keep your purse free of  'BAGTERIA!'  They are called 'Key'P It Up' and are so great because they are two accessories in one!  You can also clip a pen with the keys so you can always locate that quickly to take notes! 
Key'P Your Purse Off Restroom Floors!

Hang Your Purse On A Desk or Restaurant Table within your Field of Vision!
Slides on side of Gym Bag, Backpack or Purse
 Another new line I am carrying is an accessory to the Hip Klips.  They are called 'MINIPOCKETS' and are so perfect for protecting your essentials such as ID, Credit/ATM cards and Hotel Room Keys.  They have removable inserts to organize contents and prevent demagnetization.  They are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable!  They are $6.95 each and  there are specials for multiples. 

  The Hip Klips are an ever-growing/evolving item to use as a Mini-Wallet/Pocket.  We now have larger ones made from more luxurious fabric with two zipper compartments to accommodate the new larger Note and Galaxy phones. Here are some samples for you:

So excited that I have finally updated my website with all my new 'Bling/Transfer Hip Klips!
Here is the link to see them and below are some previews for you:

Lastly, I can't say 'Thank You' enough to all my wonderful supporters/customers/guests who have made 2013 such a wonderfully successful year for Judy's Gifts.  I have enjoyed meeting, chatting and emailing with each and every one of you.  Let's hope 2014 is an even better year for all of you with continued good health, lots of joy and a time full of good memories!  Here are some of the wonderful Hip Klippers that I have had the pleasure of meeting this year . 

Hip Klip Biker/Traveler

Hip Klip 'Owl Pocket' Model
Kayaker with his Aqua Seal
Grateful Hip Klip wife with proud husband
Happy Hip Klip Couple
Biker with Red Cross Hip Klip

Pink Cross Hip Klip model
Happy Hip Klip Family
'Beach Bound' Hip Klipper
'Flower Pocket Hip Klip' model
Modeling her new 2-zipper Hip Klip!

Well that's all for this edition of my Newsletter.  I sincerely hope that I see some of you at the many shows, Fairs and Festivals that I visit.  Remember you can see where I will be on my Events Page!
Happy 2014!!