Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Autumn Greetings 🍁  from 'Judy's Gifts & Hip Klips!'

            I don't know if you'll remember me, but I do Fairs around the country (which have all been cancelled for now) and so I am reaching out to update you on what's new at 'Judy's Gifts!'🎁😘 Hope this finds you all safe and well at this tough, challenging time... You may have met me at a Fair or by ordering from my website, for which I am profoundly grateful.  I know I have not sent out a Newsletter for so very long and it is way overdue!

 Have you been reading about the concerns with Cell Phones and our exposure to EMF? For those that don't know EMF is the Electro-Magnetic-Field emitted from your Cell Phone. With 5-G there is even more of a concern. All of our newest 'Hip Klips' will now have a  special lining to help protect you from this radiation... as well as RFID Identity protection for your Credit Cards!  And you are hands-free, safe & secure!  The clips attach to your waistband, and withstand 100 LBS. of Force so you can be 'HANDS-FREE!' More 'Hip Klips' information can be found on my website:     
Here is an explanation of EMF along with some of the NEW 'EMF/RFID HIP KLIPS'

              Just a few of the many ways
  'HIP KLIPS' can be used are:
hiking, shopping, biking or traveling work!

 So don't delay the opportunity to try the newest, hottest, gift item around....
the 'Hip Klip!'  If you or someone you know walks the dog, likes to walk the beach, likes to go to Festivals, rides a bike, or floats a boat, then these are perfect for you or a GIFT!  Remember, they make wonderful, affordable, unique Gifts🎁.... something I try to always offer my Boutique/Fair Shoppers! 

If you care to learn more about our 'HIP KLIPS' & how they work, here's a great Video!
  The  'Crystal Glass Czech Republic Nail Files', that make your nails silky smooth and never wear down also make wonderful gifts!🎁

   And...back by popular demand are my 'Fantastics', Pop-Up Fans. Offered in 5 styles, they provide a cool breeze for your dewy moments!😘  Lastly, just in time for your Gift Giving, ... we are offering a wonderful 20% OFF SALE! !

 Well that's all for now.  Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me. 
I so hope things get back to normal soon, so we can do our shows & travel again 
to see all of our wonderful friends & customers.... 
See you soon and don't forget to wear your 'HIP KLIPS!'
In the meantime....God bless🙏!


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