Monday, April 18, 2011

April/Spring News

Happy Spring everyone!
  I know many ot you who have experienced severe Winters, are welcoming the warmth and brilliance of Spring and its blossoms.  We recently did a show in Raleigh, N.C. and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of all the blossoming trees!  The colors were spectacular!  It just took your breath away. 
  Speaking of beauty, with Earth Day just around the Corner, we are continuing the special on the Chic Sacs.  Help rid our landfills of all the Plastic Bags to help keep our earth beautiful, by investing in this handy bag that tucks into your purse all compact and tidy.  When it is needed, it can be attached to a Key Finder, and hooked on the side of your purse, ready at a moments notice for shopping, traveling or beach time.
  Also we have a special going on, just in time for Mother's Day.  The Key Finder/Purse Hanger Sets are just $18.95 each.  There are lots of beautiful new coordinating designs.  All of those shown below have matching Key Finders also.  Be sure to check them out in my Boutique.  I have received so many testimonials and feed-back about these products and how wonderful they are to help save time, make our lives more convenient, and keep our purses safe.  The 'Key Finders' are powerful little gadgets.  If you have not tried one, you are in for a real treat, if and when you do! 

Wild Roses Purse Hanger
Lovely Ladybug Purse Hanger
Turquoise & Silver Purse Hanger
Spring Butterflies Purse Hanger
Also, have you seen my Ribbon Scarves?  They are truly beautiful additions to your wardrobe to dress up a plain top or tee-shirt. Because they are so lightweight, you can wear them well in the warmer months.
 Here are some photos of a very happy customer modeling for me.  

They are not yet in my 'Online Boutique' because they are one-of-a-kind and going fast!  They are offered for $19.95.  Just contact me if you are interested. I have included a photo showing one with the new 'slides'.  You can wear them so many different ways.  They are versatile, fun,  fashion accessories! 
Ribbon Scarf with silver slide
Lastly, another new addition is the Eyeglass Chains and Badge Lanyards.  I offer the Silver ones for $12.00 and the beautiful new Beaded ones for $19.99-$24.99.  I have included some samples below, soon to be on my website.  Stay tuned....many fabulous new products are going to be a part of my Gift Line. 
My next event will be the wonderful Watermelon Festival  on Sat.June 4th in Chiefland, Fl.  Lots of slurping going on...including me!  It is one of my favorites. 
 Have a wonderful Spring everyone! Hope you are out enjoying the warm sunshine looking for bunnies! :-)   

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