Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jumping into Summer in June

  As Summer approaches, our thoughts turn to beaches, lakes, swimming pools, and other ways to stay cool and enjoy the warm weather.  As you pursue your Summertime activities, please remember to do so safely, such as protecting skin from the Sun's burning rays, swimming safely, while protecting our children.  I hope you find time to enjoy the picnics, festivals, fairs and all the Summer Fun!  If you would like an instant breeze, remember the Fantastic Pop-Up Fans, which make wonderful Summertime gifts! 
  Our current special is the Bottoms Up Wine Glasses & Crystal Nail File Sets, which are offered at $5.00 savings.  There are many new Wine Glass Designs to choose from.  A new product offered in my Online Boutique is the individual crystal nail files...hand-painted on colored or clear files.  These are the authentic files with the filing surface permanently etched into the glass. 

Hand-Painted on Clear & Colored Files


'Queen of Shoes'
'Redneck Women'       
'Because I'm Worth It''

'Fight Like A Girl'

'It's A Girl Thing'


Well, enjoy your Summer.  We will be at some Wisconsin Fairs and Festivals....Hope to see you there!

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